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Chapter Headings for The Amber Spyglass

Chapter 1
While the Beasts of
Prey, come from
Caverns Deep,
Viewed the Maid
-William Blake

Chapter 2
Then a spirit
passed before
my face;
The hair of
my flesh
stood up
-The Book of Job

Chapter 3
The Knight's
bones are
Dust, and his
good sword
rust; ~ His soul
is with the
saints, I trust
-S.T. Coleridge

Chapter 4
She lay as if at Play ~
Her life had Leaped away ~
Intending to Return ~
But not so soon ~
-Emily Dickinson

Chapter 5
Aim against
The Throne and
monarchy of
God Rais'd
Impious War
in Heav'n and
Battel Proud
-John Milton

Chapter 6
Reliques, Beads
Pardons, Bulls,
The Sport of
-John Milton

Chapter 7
Last Rose as
in dance the
stately trees,
& spread their
Hung with
copious Fruit...
-John Milton

Chapter 8
I have
been a
in a strange

Chapter 9
...A shade
apon the mind
there passes as
when on noon
a cloud the
mighty sun
-Emily Dickinson

Chapter 10
ariseth a
little cloud
out of the
sea, like a
man's hand
-1 Kings

Chapter 11
A truth
told with
Bad Intent Beats
All the Lies
you can
Invent ~
-William Blake

Chapter 12
Still as he fled,
his eye was backward
cast, as if
His Fear still
Him Behind
-Edmund Spencer

Chapter 13
Frowning night
o'er this Desart
Bright let thy
Moon Arise
while I close
My Eyes
-William Blake

Chapter 14
Labour without
Joy is Base.
Labour without
Sorrow is Base.
Sorrow without
Labour is Base.
Joy without
Labour is Base.
-John Ruskin

Chapter 15
As I was walking among
the Fires of Hell,
Delighted with the
Enjoyments of Genius
-William Blake

Chapter 16
From the Arched
Roof Pendant by
Subtle magic many
a row of Starry
Camps and Blazing
Cressets Fed with
Naphtha and Asphaltus
Yielded Light...
-John Milton

Chapter 17
Now the Serpent
was more Subtil
than any Beast
of the Field
Which the Lord
God had made.

Chapter 18
O That it were
possible we
might but hold
some two days
conference with
The Dead...
-John Webster

Chapter 19
I was Angry
with my
Friend; I told
my wrath,
my wrath
did End.
-William Blake

Chapter 20
-I Gained it
so- by climbing slow-
by catching at
the twigs
that grow
between the
Bliss- And Me-
-Emily Dickinson

Chapter 21
I hate things
All Fiction...
There should
Always be some
of Fact...

Chapter 22
Thick as Autumnal
leaves that
strow the Brooks
in Vallombrosa,
Where Th' Etrurian
shades high over-
Aran't Imbowr...
-John Milton

Chapter 23
And Ye Shall
Know the
Truth, and
the Truth
shall make
You Free ~
-St. John

Chapter 24
As is the
so is her

Chapter 25
A Bracelet
of Bright
Hair about
the Bone...
-John Donne

Chapter 26
The sun has
left his Blackness
& has found a
& the Fair Moon
Rejoices in the
clear & cloudless
-William Blake

Chapter 27
My soul into
the boughs does
Glide: there like
a bird it sits,
And sings, then
Whets, and combs
its silver wings...
-Andrew Marvell

Chapter 28
For Many a
Time I have
Been half
in Love
with Easeful
-John Keats

Chapter 29
Each man is
in his Spectre's
Power until
The Arrival of
that hour when
his Humanity
-William Blake

Chapter 30
Farr off
Th' Empyreal
Heav'n, Extended
Wide in Circuit,
Square or Round,
With Opal Towrs
And Battlements
Adorn'd of
Living Sapphire...
-John Milton

Chapter 31
For Empire
Is No More,
And now the
Lion & Wolf
Shall cease.
-William Blake

Chapter 32
The Morn~
ing comes, the
The Watchmen
LEAVE their
-William Blake

Chapter 33
Sweet Spring
Full of sweet
days and
Roses, A box
Where sweets
compacted Lie
-George Herbert

Chapter 34
Shew you all
Alive the World,
Where Every
Particle of
Dust Breathes
Forth its Joy
-William Blake

Chapter 35
The Birth-
Day of my
Life is come,
My Love is
Come to me
-Christina Rossetti

Chapter 36
But Fate Does
Iron Wedges
Drive, and
Alwais crowds
itself betwixt.
-Andrew Marvell

Chapter 37
My Soul, Do
Not Seek
Eternal Life,
Exhaust the
Realm of
the Possible.

The UK edition of The Amber Spyglass came with poetry verses heading each chapter, while the first North American edition inexplicably left these off (though this has been rectified - the quotes are present in the latest North American version).

Thanks to Nick at Dark Adamant for going to the trouble to type these up!

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