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- With Philip Pullman -

ACHUKA Interview
1998; ACHUKA: Children's Books UK

CLC Interview [Jennie Taylor and Lucia Gibson]
2000; The Cheltenham Ladies' College

Lexicon Interview [Tanya Brown]
August 2000, Tanya's Tangled Web

Philip Pullman Reaches the Garden [Dave Weich]
August 31, 2000; Powells.com

The Story Master [Kathleen Odean]
October 1, 2000; School Library Journal

A Wizard with Worlds [Kate Kellaway]
October 22, 2000; The Guardian

The Man Who Dared Make Religion the Villain
[Sarah Lyall]
November 7, 2000; The New York Times

Philip Pullman in Readerville
December 2000; Readerville

Driven by Daemons [Sally Vincent]
November 10, 2001; The Guardian

Philip Pullman Q&A
February 18, 2002; The Guardian

Heat and Dust [Huw Spanner]
Third Way Magazine

2002 Hay Festival [James Naughtie]
June 2002; Hay Festival

BBC Radio 4 Webchat
January 2003; BBC Radio 4

A senile God? Who would Adam and Eve it?
[Andrew Billen]
January 21st, 2003; Times Online

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