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The Haunted Storm
- By Philip Pullman -

The Haunted Storm appears to be Philip Pullman's first novel, which he refuses to name in interviews. While it's possible to find the rare Galatea, The Haunted Storm is almost impossible to locate, though copies occasionally come up on eBay.

Violence and death in a small village form the backdrop to this novel. Unease and suspicion split the community. Physically involved in the investigation, Matthew finds his spiritual problems have a greater depth of reality. Only in the final disastrous confrontation in the ruined Mithraic Temple does he, at last, glimpse the possibility of quietude.

Anybody who locates a copy and can offer their impressions to us at webmaster@darkmaterials.com will receive our eternal gratitude!

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The Haunted Storm
The Haunted Storm
The Haunted Storm

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