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- By Philip Pullman -

A tormented apprentice clock-maker - and a deadly knight in armour. A mechanical prince - and the sinister Dr Kalmenius, who some say is the devil... Wind up these characters, fit them into a story on a cold winter's evening, with the snow swirling down, and suddenly life and the story begin to merge in a peculiarly macabre - and unstoppable - way.

Almost like clockwork...

The Haunting Tune
The incredibly spiffy Cameo Wood converted the "haunting tune" used in Clockwork into a MIDI file! (Here's the musical notation)

Unicorn Children's Theatre will be producing an opera of Clockwork. Tony Graham will direct with music by Stephen McNeff and libretto by David Wood. The opera will embark on its national tour in March 2004.

According to The Guardian, Universal Pictures has optioned the motion picture rights to Clockwork, with producer Ilene Staple developing.

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Paperback, United Kingdom, 1997
Paperback, North America, 1998
Hardcover, Germany, 1998
Paperback, United Kingdom, 1997

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