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- By Philip Pullman -

"[Galatea is] a book which I remain fond of...Each time I go over [to the United States] and Iím signing the books which are currently in print, someone comes along with a second-hand copy of Galatea and asks me to sign that. ...I hope itíll come back into print, because it is a book which I remain fond of. I donít know how youíd classify it; but then classifying anything is terribly hard. I donít know whatís fantasy and what isnít fantasy. I suppose sort of magical realist - itís a year or two too early for the magic realist thing, otherwise itíd have ridden that wave, but it didnít."
-Philip Pullman, in an interview with T. Brown in August 2000.

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Have you read Galatea? Do you have a copy of the book? If so, we would be very happy if you would share your great wisdom with us. We long to experience what The Stranger termed "a postmodern fable about the magical powers of sex, money, and simulation."

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