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The Shadow in the Plate
- somewhat different form -

The Shadow in the North was initially published in "somewhat different form" as The Shadow in the Plate:


'A dark blur filled the top of the photograph. It was about the size of a man, and about the right shape, but if it was a figure, it was so out of focus as to be unrecognizable.'

The young firm of 'Garland and Lockhart' is trying to make its way in the hurly-burly of Victorian Commerce. Sally Lockhart works as a financial consultant, and pity the Victorian gentlemen who thinks [sic] this is no job for a girl. Frederick Garland is a talented young photographer-cum-detective who, ably assisted by the resourceful Jim Taylor, will take on the most mysterious and unlikely cases...

'Garland and Lockhart' are on the way up; they might even be falling in love if they get the time... but now a shadow is falling across their lives. It is a shadow of villainy so monstrous that they will need great courage as well as their wits to face it...and even then they might succumb to the menace that lies behind The Shadow in the Plate.

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Interestingly enough, the author's biography in the back of The Shadow in the Plate also notes that Pullman's "latest play, an adaptation of The Three Musketeers, was produced at the Polka Theatre in Spring 1986".

Tremendous thanks to Monika for providing this information!

According to the copyright information in the 1996 North American Random House Sprinter of The Shadow in the North:
Copyright 1986, 1988 by Philip Pullman...Originally published in Great Britain in somewhat different form as The Shadow on the Plate by Oxford University Press in 1986, copyright 1986 by Philip Pullman. First published in the United States as a Borzoi Book by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., in 1988.

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