Astrology might not seem too relevant to EP, I'll admit, but to those of us sucked by the dark vortex of fandom into investigating IS?  Astrology is crucial.  And as usual it's well researched, well constructed, Atlus is God, blahblahblah.  You know the drill if you've seen this page before.  Anyhow, your webmistress is not the most proficcient astrologist out there (though I do have a grasp of the basics) so this section is really the baby of the one and only Enki.  I hear he has one of those nefangled email adresses now.  Ya might wanna give it a try ?

Gemini -- Baofu
Aquarius -- Jun and Junko Kurosu
Leo -- Tatsuya Suou and Tatsuya Sudou
Saggitarius -- Ulala Serizawa
Taurus -- Lisa Silverman and Ginji Sasaki
Capricorn -- Katsuya Suou
Cancer -- Maya Amano
Scorpio -- Eikichi Mishina and Anna Yoshizuka
The Grand Cross