A fanart by Lud, and the Saggitarius analysis under Zodiac. Just when I think I've escaped this site it pulls me back iiiiin...


Myth analysis for Jun Kurosu's Hermes/Cronus, profile for Capricorn, and two fanarts up.


Profile for Scorpio in the Zodiac section, and analysis of Ulala's Callisto/Asteria posted under Mythology. Yeehaw?


Nothing major. Just edited out some particularly glaring design flaws. Dreamweaver is god.


Aw hell.  It's been so long that one might really consider any talk of me updating this site just a rumor (hehehehe - okay, horrible joke).  But honestly?  Before, there was just nothing to add.  That is, until my new Classics course and an idea by my most perceptive pertner in crime, Enki, sucked me back into the world of overanalytical Persona obsession.  So yeah.  Mad mad update today.  New design (not the most practical, I'll admit, but I'm fond of it).  Two new sections - Astrology/Zodiac being wirtten by Enki (author of the Jung section) and a bit on Persona mythology by yours truly.  Also fanart from the talented Ludmilla, a new link, and me slumped with weary satisfaction over my keyboard as I finally write this schpiel and finish this stupid huge update.  Rah?