meow Ah Tarot. So symbolically delicious. A tool of divination with roots going back hundreds of years, as well as a set of archetypes used to evoke similar personas from the collective unconciousness.  Here we'll look at the symbolism of the major arcana of the Tarot in general, as well as how each card relates to its user's particular foibles. 

.. yay?

A note on the tarot interpretations below:  Alright - so here's the deal.  If you don't know anything about tarot this may not make sense to you, but bear with me.  There are many ways to interpret the symbolism of each tarot card, and no two readers will see the cards exactly alike.  The interpretations listed in here are a synthesis of common elements found in interpretations by several major authorities as found in the Dictionary of the Tarot (published in 1972).  These include the Rider-Waite deck, which is often considered the standard, as well at Allistair Crowley's Book of Thoth, the Golden Dawn, Grey, and others. No two sites on the tarot are likely to describe the cards in exactly the same manner. So if you're a rabid Crowley/MissCleo/whoever fan and disagree.. please don't hurt me?  I'm too young to die a non-archetypal death. 

00 -The Fool
01 - The Magician
02 - The High Priestess
03 - The Empress
04 - The Emperor
05 - The Hierophant
06 - The Lovers
07 - The Chariot
08 - Justice
09 - The Hermit
10 - Wheel of Fortune

11 - Strength
12 - The Hanged Man
13 - Death
14 - Temperance
15 - The Devil
16 - The Tower
17 - The Star
18 - The Moon
19 - The Sun
20 - Judgement
21 - The World