Ah, mythology.  Most specifically?  The Greco-Roman sort.  Atlus is nutorious (and, well, kickass) for doing their homework, and the mythos of their 'special' personas and how they fit into the greater EP and IS worlds are no exception.  So when I was stymied as to how exactly to expand this site a bit it took but a Classics course to jar me to my overanalytical senses.  But of course, you're not here to listen to me ramble like some psychotic cult-founding, koolaid-drinking, compound-owning obsessive freak.  You're here for needlessly obscure information researched in large, dusty university libraries!  Tally ho, then - as they say in cheezy British historical dramas.  Tally ho indeed.  

Baofu:  Odysseus//Prometheus
Eikichi Michina: Rhadamanthus//Hades
Guido Kandori: Nyarlathotep
Jun Kurosu: Hermes//Cronos
Katsuya Suou: Helios//Hyperion
Lisa Silverman: Eros//Venus
Maya Amano: Maia//Artemis
Tatsuya Suou: Vulcan//Apollo
Ulala Serizawa:  Callisto//Asteria
The Titanomachy:  Persona Mythology and the Generation Gap
Foolish Tatsuya, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Other Side