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The Garden of Random Insanity - the talented Adobe Scribe's garden o' randomness.  Not only did she also design using the  horrifically underappreciated yellow, but she gave me the space for this site. Trust me - I'd kiss her ass waaaaaay more out of drooling thanks if that wouldn't be borderline stalkerly and/or homoerotic. 

A Cautionary Tale - the webmistress' site, shamelessly plugged for no apparent reason.  Remember kids, it's what Baofu'd do.

Woefully Few English Persona II Links 
Run an English Persona II related site?  Or even just one with alot of Persona II fanwork? Congratulations, you're my new hero.  Send it on here and I'll link you posthaste. 

Cavalcade of Japanese Fanart Links
Various and sundry Japanese people blessed with the sorts of fanart skills that make one go all green-eyed. What other fanart could provoke such profound queries as "why is Jun constantly depicted as some sort of erotic nurse?" and "isn't it physically impossible for Tatsuya to come on to himself?" .  I can't pretend to be able to answer those questions... but it's pretty, so it's all good.  Anything with shounen-ai/shoujou-ai content (read: non-graphic homosexual stuff - which, considering the whole Jun thing in Innocent Sin, is cannon and about as easy to find as caffiene in a Starbucks) shall have an S.  And no, no I don't link porn. Comprende