Ah Persona. The only Role Playing Game to keep it's occult references to a relatively accurate level. Unlike those Fantasy games that totally distort mythologies, make up systems or bring irrelevant symbolism just to look cool, anyone who plays the game with a fair amount of knowledge can recognize the various symbols and techniques described. So it's hardly surprising that, as a modern day occult RPG, it pays homage to the man of the previous century who's been described as "making the occult respectable". A man who removed the archaic words that make even tempered people cower in fear and showed them the profoundpsychological wisdom in them. The man I'm talking about, of course, is Carl Gustav Jung. 

Persona and Jung, two topics that make me giddier than Ellen in a secret society owned by the top models and designers of the world. So of course when Mess asked me to do this section for her Persona 2 webpage I .....er.....politely said I would and thanked her for the opportunity ::hides the noise makers and party hats:: . So here I am, ready to harass y'all with useless knowledge that only hardcore fans would appreciate. Yay for that. 

Okay then, let's get serious. Basicly I'm dissecting a good portion of the plot, mostly at the end, so it's a no brainer to say that this page will be filled with spoilers. That's right, S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S for a good deal of the Persona games.


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