Ack... sadly lacking, isn't it?  I suppose this is where I make the obligatory plea for you lovely shiny people out there to send me Persona fanstuff.  So consider it done. 

Ulala is not a happy girl .  Fun CG by Jacob of Artshock , in which Ulala is... not a happy girl?  *basks in nonexisant descriptive aptitude*

Burtonriffic Ulala - this Ulala, by the talented Ludeshka , is really cool.  Why?  Because it reminds me of the art style of Tim Burton.  Hence Burtonriffic.  Fear the circle of logic!  

Raver Ulala - Also by Ludeshka. Isn't she handy?

Pop Goes Michina - Yeah! Our first IS-exclusive fanart! Blame the lame title on me, not poor Lud.

Ulala .  By me.  And really.. well... you know your fandom is small when the only fanart is by me.  C'mon people.. lets think positive!  Drawing fanart is the way to a bright tomorrow!

The Hanged Man .  Also by me.  And spoilerful.  And colored.  And actually created with real live effort.  Rah?

Tarot Tatsuya - by Queen Vera. And may I say - kickass watercoloring? How anyone manages to control those runny things to make nice pictures is beyond me...

Heaven's Gaze - by Brigit Johnson
An introspective fic (Katsuya with a sprig of Baofu for decoration) dealing with something I've never really seen in a Persona fic before - the whole science versus mysticism angle. 

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