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Haiku about The Golden Compass
- 5 7 5 -

Heidi Berthiaume
Church-sanctioned science
Small cages of severed souls
Dark ominous deeds

Apart yet still one
His joys and sorrows are mine
Pan, my daemon soul

Oranje Williams
Dust falls from the sky
Consciousness to be gained
Not innocence lost


With Pan at my side,
We traveled into the sky,
Bridging to the stars.

Help! Let go of me!
Pan! The silver Guillotine!
Don't leave me alone!

Devout church Impugned,
By child of ignorant bliss,
None break affection.

Noxious view skewed again,
Loss of a most darling friend,
Ethereal thought.

Rohan Freeman
Whatever world you're from
The longest journey
Starts with a single step

Nick Powell
vulnerable threads
connect us, they shine in the
lights, expose our souls.

threads between us swing
in the lights, they betray us,
and shimmer with power.

dæmons' snowy dance,
each touch butterflies in us;
we connect, make love.

a form of unknown
longing for something foreign;
my tears wrench for Land.

Jake Sower
Trekking to the North
sky undulates with wonder
worlds ripping asunder

Broken wine bottles,
worth more than snow, bears, witches,
severing of a half

Aurora shines, breaks
on the backs of Northern men
whom bears cannot stop

Eyes full of ideals
lies and tenacity and truth
dance into the snow

Sneak, hide, run, cower
discover, run, beg, travel
search, discover, shock.

Rush away rush north
dash on piney wings, balloons
fall into your place

Shine as yourself, bright
silvertongued finder of lies,
find your place in Dust

Dust sprinkles like snow
her spirit follows the truth
blades shine like winter

In March 2003, this site ran a contest for the best haiku about The Golden Compass / Northern Lights. Heidi Berthiaume was the proud winner, and received a copy of The Ruby in the Smoke.

These are the best haiku of the entries received.

What is haiku?
Haiku is a form of poetry consisting of three lines which originated in Japan. While the exact rules of the form in English are still hotly debated (due to the difficulties in translating a poetic form between two different languages), most believe that the haiku should consist of a five-syllable line, a seven-syllable line, and another five-syllable line and that the haiku should contain some reference to nature (neither rule, however, is an absolute).

Some sites dedicated to the form are:
A Haiku Homepage
Haiku Society of America

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