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Frequently Asked Questions
- The Site -

Spoilers for the series abound, so tread with caution.

Who is running this site?

Two teenage girls who have elected to squander their fleeting youth on trivial endeavors. They both think His Dark Materials is a pretty keen series.

Why isn't this site updated more?

Because both maintainers are quite busy with the pressures of their regular life, and unfortunately can't devote their full time to the site. There will be periods of long inactivity, but such is inevitable.

Why haven't you e-mailed me back?

Because we're lazy? Also, both maintainers live very busy lives and thus e-mail tends to pile up in pathetic heaps. If it's desperately important, send a follow-up demanding immediate response (and if it's a general question, try the Forum).

Can I link you?

Feel free - you can link to http://www.darkmaterials.com freely, without informing us.

Can you link me?

Probably not, unless you're running a site that dovetails magnificently with a current focus. Sorry.

How do I post in the Forum?

Reply fields can be found at the bottom of the original post, and new threads can be started under the cunningly named "Post Message".

HTML will work in the Forum, but please be aware that the maintainers find MARQUEE to be very, very annoying. Use a certain amount of discretion.

When replying, don't feel the need to quote the entire previous post - just the relevant bits, please.

Should I introduce myself in the Forum?

Please believe us when we say that, while permitted, it's not necessary. People will love and remember you for the insightful points you add to ongoing discussions, not your current location and top five favorite stuffed animals.

Why isn't the Forum working?

At times, our Forum can be delightfully capricious - if you are unable to post, drop us a line at webmaster@darkmaterials.com and we'll fix it.

Can I redesign the Forum and/or the site?

Um...no. While we understand that offers to give the site a better layout or improve the Forum are kindly meant, we're honestly pretty happy with the way things are running and don't particularly want to change anything. We know our site isn't anything fancy (and our table-based layout breaks most of the rules of Good Web Design) and the Forum is primitive, but we're content. Feel free to give your own site a new layout or perfect message board.

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Last modified on July 8th, 2003

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