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Frequently Asked Questions
- The Author -

Spoilers for the series abound, so tread with caution.

How can I contact Philip Pullman?

As a general rule, one can usually send a letter through an author's publisher and trust that it will eventually be delivered to the author.

In the U.S., the address to use is:

Random House Inc.
C/O RH Children’s -Knopf Publicity Group
1745 Broadway
10th floor
NY, NY 10019

What is Philip Pullman's e-mail address?

Not accessible to fans, for perfectly sane reasons (can you imagine the deluge of pleas, whines, and threats?). If you have anything vital to say to Mr. Pullman, run it through the appropriately professional channels.

What is Philip Pullman working on now?

Possibly the oft-delayed The Scarecrow and His Servant.

Possibly The Book of Dust.

In 2001, Pullman was working on a filmscript for Peter Dickinson's The Changes trilogy, but there's been no recent word on that project.

What are Philip Pullman's views on God?

According to Philip Pullman:
"[The Authority in His Dark Materials] is the God of the burners of heretics, the hangers of witches, the persecuters of Jews, the officials who recently flogged that poor girl in Nigeria who had the misfortune to become pregant after having been forced to have sex - all these people claim to know with absolute certainty that their God wants them to do these things. Well, I take them at their word, and I say in response that that God deserves to die."

- (In the Readerville Forum in February 2001)

"Do I believe in God? Well, actually, no. But could I just raise in response the question - does it MATTER what I believe in? You can see what [His Dark Materials] believes in - what it values, and what it criticises; what it holds up for admiration, and what it deplores. What I personally believe in or not isn't really important...Did I mean it?...Yes, I believe in what the [series] says. I mean every word of it."
- (In the Readerville Forum in February 2001)

What was Philip Pullman's first novel?

He (adamantly) refuses to name it, but word on the street suggests The Haunted Storm, published in 1972.

Does Philip Pullman hate C. S. Lewis?

According to Philip Pullman:
"I've criticised his stance in Narnia (and the adult novels too, for that matter), but I have always praised many of the things he has said about children's literature and narrative and so on...I don't want to condemn anyone completely."

- (In the Readerville Forum in February 2001)

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