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Frequently Asked Questions
- Inquiries and Answers -

Spoilers for the series abound, so tread with caution.

The Mechanics
       Why is Northern Lights called The Golden Compass?
       To what does the title His Dark Materials refer?
       How do I pronounce certain names?
       How do I type a certain character?
       Is The Amber Spyglass really the end of the series?
       Will there be another book about Lyra?
       What is The Book of Dust?
       Will there be a His Dark Materials movie?
       How can I be cast in the His Dark Materials movies?

The Series
       What is the name of Mrs. Coulter's daemon?
       What does the word kirjava mean?
       How does Dr. Mary Malone offer temptation?
       Are Balthamos and Baruch homosexual?
       Why is the Church depicted in such a negative light?

The Author
       How can I contact Philip Pullman?
       What is Philip Pullman's e-mail address?
       What is Philip Pullman working on now?
       What are Philip Pullman's views on God?
       What was Philip Pullman's first novel?
       Does Philip Pullman hate C. S. Lewis?

The Site
       Who is running this site?
       Why isn't this site updated more?
       Why haven't you e-mailed me back?
       Can I link you?
       Can you link me?
       How do I post in the Forum?
       Should I introduce myself in the Forum?
       Why isn't the Forum working?
       Can I redesign the Forum and/or the site?

Certain questions pop up with alarming frequency, and so this FAQ strives to answer those familiar wraiths in a thorough and satisfactory way.

If you still have a lingering uncertainty, feel free to post it to the Forum, where a legion of helpful ruffians will inundate you with answers, advice, and trivia. If you're feeling a little bit more timid, you can try sending your question to webmaster@darkmaterials.com, but be warned that the maintainers of this site are often quite busy and e-mail has a tendency to languish for months unread.

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