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- 'the end' is never meant literally -

"A sequel is an admission that you've been reduced to imitating yourself. "
- Don Marquis

Lyra's Oxford [October 2003]

The Book of Dust [2004?]

"...for example, the realm of imaginary numbers. Are they invented or are they discovered? As soon as you discover Ė as soon as you come across this notion of imaginary numbers, you realise that it is a realm which has its own laws... Itís partly like that when youíre exploring a world in a book that youíre writing. Youíre sort of discovering it as well as inventing it. So there are other things, no doubt, I havenít yet imagined or thought of about demons. I do find itís a very rich idea, and right at the end of [The Amber Spyglass], after 1200 or more pages, I was still discovering new things I could do with this human-demon link."

- Philip Pullman, in interview with T. Brown in 2000.

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