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Screenwriter: Tom Stoppard
Empire Online first reported that Tom Stoppard had been chosen to write the screeplay for the His Dark Materials movies in May 2002, and Stoppard later confirmed this in interviews. Stoppard is a celebrated playwright (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead) and won an Oscar in 1998 for the screenplay of Shakespeare in Love.

No director has been named yet - despite New Line Cinema's involvement, it is highly unlikely that Peter Jackson will direct. A director (along with a crew) will likely come aboard the project after Tom Stoppard has finished the screenplays, but that process probably won't begin until autumn 2002.

No cast information has been released as of yet. Actors probably won't be attached to the project until Tom Stoppard has decided on the characters and both a film and casting director exist to fill those roles.

New Line Cinema, an arm of AOL Time Warner, announced their joint production of a cinematic adaptation of His Dark Materials with Scholastic Films in February 2002.

This is currently all the information on the His Dark Materials films that is available.

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Last updated on June 28th, 2002

Helpful Casting Information for Young Hopefuls!

Are you having sleepless nights because you know you would play the perfect Lyra/Will/Iorek and can't stomach the possibility that someone else might be cast?

The plaintive cries that have begun echoing amongst message boards and chatrooms would seem to indicate that you're not alone in your earnest desire to act in the His Dark Materials movies. Don't fear, little grasshopper, because New Line Cinema has announced no casting information yet and you still have time to endear yourself to the casting directors everywhere!

If you're sincerely dedicated to the idea of starring in His Dark Materials (or any movie, really), the great and all-powerful Tod has written a little primer on how to get yourself started in the "biz":

Advice to the young and hopeful

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