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Facts and Speculation
about the His Dark Materials Movies

Last Updated on June 9th, 2003
This page will be updated whenever pressing information is released about the movie adaptations of His Dark Materials. The purpose of this page is to stem the tide of "There's going to be a movie!? Really!?" comments/questions.


  • New Line Cinema has (jointly, with Scholastic Entertainment) acquired the rights to His Dark Materials and plans to develop the property into movies.
    AOL Time Warner released a Press Release to this effect on February 11th, 2002.

  • Philip Pullman has distanced himself from any involvement in the movies.
    Pullman has repeatedly espoused the view of "take the money and run" and stated that he has only a very limited interest in how the movies develop.

  • Tom Stoppard has written the screenplay.
    Empire Online reported in May 2002 that Stoppard was in negotiations with New Line Cinema to write the screenplays for the movie adaptations. In June 2003, The Times reported that Stoppard had "completed the screenplay for the first part of what should be a trilogy of films of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials..."


  • The movies will be filmed and/or released beginning in [insert year here]
    Individuals at New Line Cinema have commented that they would like to begin work on the adaptations after they're finished with Lord of the Rings, which will end its theater run with The Return of the King in 2003. In March 2003, Brett Ratner told SCI FI Wire that a script did not yet exist, which indicates that, given the production time likely involved in the actual filming of the His Dark Materials movies, we will not see the films released until after 2004. In short, don't start camping out in front of your local theater.

  • [insert name here] will direct
    The SCI FI Wire reported that Brett Ratner would like to direct the His Dark Material movies. However, Ratner himself admits that the movies will not enter production any time soon - he's "just hopeful". Sam Mendes, Terry Jones, and Stephen Daldry have also expressed interest in the films.

    Grossly Distorted Rumors

  • Lyra will be changed into a boy for the movie adaptation.
    This rumor has its root in an off-hand comment that Philip Pullman once made and has absolutely no bearing in fact. At this point the movie script hasn't even been written yet - therefore, there is no way of knowing how any of the characters are going to turn out.

  • The Amber Spyglass won't be adapted
    Empire Online suggested in May 2002 that the cinematic adaptation of His Dark Materials might be limited to two movies, giving rise to the premature fears that The Amber Spyglass won't be adapted at all. It's far more likely that the series will simply be condensed into two movies, but at this point, nobody knows - as time passes, it seems increasingly probable that they will adapt the films as full trilogy.

  • New Line Cinema deeply cares about your opinions on the director/casting/plot/ending of the movies.
    They don't.

  • A bad adaptation will ruin the books!!!
    It won't.

  • And then, of course, there's the favorite set of questions:

    Who's going to star in this film?

    Nobody knows. The screenplay hasn't even been written yet, so we don't know what parts are available. New Line might have some favored actors/actresses that they want to put in the film, but it is obviously too early to start drawing up contracts and setting filming dates.

    Any information known about the Cast and Crew is available here.

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