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Cast of The Amber Spyglass Audio Version

Fra Pavel - Nigel Anthony
Lord Asriel, Iorek Byrnison - Sean Barrett
Otyets Semyon, John Faa - Douglas Blackwell
Father Gomez, Dr. Cooper - Andrew Branch
King Ogunwe - Burt Caesar
Baruch - Nigel Carrington
Kirjava - Jane Collingwood
Peter - Rupert Degas
Angelica, Female Martyr - Emma D'Inverno
Mrs. Coulter - Alison Dowling
Lyra's Death - Ken Drury
Will - Peter England
Salmakia - Denica Fairman
Atal, Ama - Teresa Gallagher
Pagdzin Tulku, Granny's Death - David Graham
John Parry - James Greene
Metatron - Stephen Greif
Lee Scoresby - Garrick Hagon
Xaphania - Eve Karpf
Lord Roke - Nigel Lambert
Mary Malone - Kate Lock
Balthamos - Alec McCowen
Basilides - Hayward Morse
McPhail - Alex Norton
Teacher, Thin Man - John O'Connor
Pantalaimon - Richard Pearce
Narrator - Philip Pullman
Dame Hannah - Anne Rosenfeld
Stelmaria, Madame Oxentiel - Liza Ross
Serafina Pekkala, Roger - Susan Sheridan
No Name - Jill Shilling
The Inquirer, Sattamax, Farder Coram - Stephen Thorne
Tialys - David Timson
Lyra - Jo Wyatt
Children - Harriet Butler, Laura Donovan, Andrew Lamont, Fiona Lamont, Alexander Mitchell, Arthur Mitchell

Published by Cavalcade Story Cassettes
Directed by Garrick Hagon
Music by Peter Pontzen
Post-Production by Wolfgang Dienst

Information on the audio cast comes courtesy of Dark Adamant.

Cover of Audio Version

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