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"And he dreamed the dream of all those who publish books, which was to have so much gold in your pockets that you would have to employ two people just to hold your trousers up."
- Terry Pratchett, Maskerade

Audio Books
     Cast of The Amber Spyglass [Cavalcade, 2000]

Motion Picture [New Line Cinema, 2004]
     The Press Release [February 11th, 2002]
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     Facts and Speculation

Radio Drama [BBC Radio 4, 2003]
     Radio Drama Cast

Theater Production [The National Theatre, 2003]

"...the only point at which you have power is when you sell the rights to someone who wants them. The only power you have is that of getting more money than they want to give you. Thatís all. If you think you have any rights after that, if you think youíve got any power Ė you havenít got any power at all."

- Philip Pullman, in interview with T. Brown in 2000.

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