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When The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman was published in 1995, it was the start of His Dark Materials, an ambitious trilogy that offered a startlingly new perspective on childhood, innocence, and sin. On the surface, the series relates the story of two children on a fantastic voyage, encountering an intriguing blend of complicated characters and twisted landscapes as they make their way toward an uncertain goal. Beneath the exterior, however, lie murky questions of morality and existence, changing an enjoyable children's series into a thought-provoking view on maturity.

The diegesis of His Dark Materials is still expanding: at least two more books (Lyra's Oxford and The Book of Dust) concerning the characters and universes of His Dark Materials are slated to be published, and the trilogy has already been adapted into a successful radio drama. A theatrical play is scheduled for the end of 2003, and a set of major motion pictures is in the works.

This site exists as a humble tribute to the series, its offspring, and the influences that shaped it.

Lyra's Oxford

Lyra's Oxford
Release: October 28th
Price: £9.99 / $10.95

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